Discover the enchanting hidden gems of Jim Corbett National Park, where nature unveils its secrets. Here are a few hidden locations worth exploring:

REQUEST: Please don't litter and harm the beautiful places. Keep them clean and preserve their natural beauty. Thank you


The Barati Rau Waterfall in Chunakhan is a hidden gem in Uttarakhand, India. Here’s some easy-to-understand information:

Location: The waterfall is in Chunakhan village, around 5 kilometers from Corbett Falls and 20 kilometers from Ramnagar. To get there, you take a 2-kilometer trek through the forest.

Timing: The waterfall is open from morning to evening. It’s best to visit during the monsoon season, from June to September, when the waterfall is most impressive.

Eco-tourism Centre: Chunakhan village promotes sustainable tourism. It has a community-based tourism project supporting locals and conservation.

Picnic Spot: Barati Rau Waterfall is perfect for a picnic. Relax, enjoy the waterfall and surrounding forests. There are also small shops selling snacks and souvenirs.

Accommodation: Stay in nearby towns like Ramnagar or Kaladhungi and make a day trip. There are also eco-resorts and homestays in Chunakhan village.

Nearby Attractions: Visit Corbett Falls and Jim Corbett National Park nearby for more adventure.

Nature Walk: The trek to the waterfall is a scenic nature walk. Enjoy the diverse plants, birds, and butterflies along the way.

2. Tumariya Dam

Explore the beauty of Tumariya Dam, a hidden oasis in Uttarakhand, India. Here’s straightforward information for you:

Location: Tumariya Dam is nestled in the serene surroundings, located near Maldhan Village , 25 KM away from Ramnagar.

Access: Easily accessible, it’s a short drive from Ramnagar and a pleasant way for a beautiful destination .

Best Time to Visit: The dam welcomes visitors throughout the day. For an extraordinary experience, plan your visit during early morning or late evening when the natural surroundings are at their best. This place is best for watching sunrise and sunset.

Sustainable Tourism: Tumariya Dam promotes eco-friendly tourism. The area actively supports local communities and conservation efforts, contributing to a sustainable travel experience.

Perfect Picnic Spot: Pack a picnic and unwind by the tranquil waters. Enjoy the scenic beauty, and don’t miss exploring the nearby walking trails.

Accommodation: While there are no accommodations directly at the dam, you can find cozy stays in nearby towns like [Specify Town Names]. Consider making it a day trip or staying overnight for a more immersive experience.

Nearby Attractions: Extend your adventure by exploring nearby attractions such as Phato zone. Each spot offers a unique charm, adding to your memorable experience.

Scenic Strolls: Take a leisurely walk around the dam for a scenic experience. Marvel at the diverse flora, spot various birds, and perhaps catch a glimpse of butterflies along the way.

Remember to cherish the natural beauty of Tumariya Dam and keep it clean for others to enjoy!

3.Shivalik Temple

Location: Nestled in the heart of Jim Corbett, Shivalik Temple is a peaceful haven, just 10 km away from the bustling city of Ramnagar.

Access: Easily reachable by [Specify Mode of Transportation], the temple provides a peaceful escape for those seeking spiritual solace.

Best Time to Visit: The temple welcomes visitors throughout the day. For an enchanting experience, plan your visit during day only because this place is in between jungle and its dangerous to visit here in night.

Sustainable Spirituality: Shivalik Temple upholds eco-conscious practices, reflecting a commitment to sustainable tourism and local community support.

Meditative Oasis: The temple’s tranquil surroundings make it an ideal spot for reflection and meditation. Embrace the serene ambiance as you connect with spirituality.

Accommodation: While there are no accommodations directly at the temple, consider staying in the serene accommodations of Dhikuli, offering a peaceful retreat after your spiritual exploration.

Nearby Inspirations: Extend your spiritual journey by exploring nearby attractions like suspension bridge. Each spot adds its unique charm to your spiritual retreat.

Scenic Strolls: Take leisurely walks around the temple premises, absorbing the peaceful atmosphere. Marvel at the natural beauty, adorned with indigenous flora and perhaps spot some local birdlife.

Remember to embrace the tranquility of Shivalik Temple and leave it as serene as you found it for others to cherish!


Ans: Our hidden gems are unique, less-explored places that offer a tranquil escape from the usual tourist spots, allowing you to connect with nature and culture in a more intimate way.

Ans: Specific directions to each hidden location are provided on our website. You can find information on transportation options, trekking paths, or any other relevant details for reaching these spots.

Ans: Absolutely! Many of our hidden gems are family-friendly, offering a peaceful environment and, in some cases, facilities for picnics and other family activities.

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