Dhikala Ecotourism Zone


Discover the natural beauty of Dhikala, the largest and most scenic zone in Corbett National Park. With safari routes along the Ramganga River, Dhikala is named after its expansive grassland, one of Asia’s largest. This tourism zone boasts diverse landscapes, including sal forests, mixed forests, river beds, and grasslands, supporting a rich variety of wildlife.The Ramganga River is the lifeline of Dhikala, contributing to the region’s abundant wildlife. Every season brings a new spectacle of beauty, making Dhikala a haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts seeking an escape from city pollution.

Dhikala stands out as the only zone in Corbett National Park with a significant population of crocodiles and gharial maggar.

Visitor Tips:

  • Dhikala and Gairal forest rest houses are the only options with canteens serving buffet meals; others provide kitchen facilities for guests to cook their own meals.
  • Walking inside the national park, beyond the fenced area of your rest house, is not permitted.
  • Safaris adhere to scheduled timings set by the forest department, which may vary with seasons.
  • Private vehicles are not allowed; only registered green-colored gypsies provided by the forest department are permitted.
  • Smoking and drinking inside Corbett National Park are strictly prohibited.
  • Guides are mandatory for safaris in Dhikala zone, available at most forest rest houses.
  • Accommodations within the national park are basic with no TVs or ACs, offering a focus on natural beauty rather than luxury.
  • Meals within the park are vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food is not allowed.
  • Littering is prohibited; visitors are encouraged to use litter bags available at Dhangarhi gate and carry back all waste.

Explore Safari Routes:

  • Dhikala Chaur, Thandi Sadak, Mota Saal, Sambar Road – Near Dhikala Forest Rest House
  • Kamarpatta Road, Ramsing Road and Chaur, Phulai Paar, High Bank – Near Khinnanauli Rest House
  • Champion Road, High Bank, Gorkha Sot – Near Sarapduli Forest Rest House
  • Crocodile Point, Gairal Tiraha, Shikari Batiya – Near Gairal Forest Rest House
  • Sultan Sot, Shikari Batiya, Saaj Garhi Sot – Near Sultan Forest Rest House

Forest Rest Houses in Dhikala Zone:

  1. Dhikala Forest Lodge
  2. Gairal Forest Lodge
  3. Sarapduli Forest Lodge
  4. Khinnanauli Forest Lodge
  5. Sultan Forest Lodge

Commonly Found Wildlife in Dhikala Zone:

Tigers, elephants, leopards, various deer species, jackals, sloth bears, crocodiles, and numerous bird species, with over 530 recorded, make Dhikala a diverse and captivating wildlife destination in Corbett National Park.



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